This is Jerry Colby's Home Page

I have been asked several times why I wrote a home page. In the beginning it was to record a history of my life for my family. Along the way, other things such as a listing of friends, my experience in serving on a jury, and a resume worked their way into my history.

I also wanted to create a record of some of my travels. What travels I describe represent only a fraction of my many travel experiences. During travels to Mazatlan I learned a couple of new card games and decided to record the rules in my web page.

After writing a series of Spanish Lessons I decided these too could find a home on this site. As time has gone by I have added significantly to this section. To make some of the lessons more interesting I have also added some quizzes so anyone studying or reviewing will be able to judge what they might have absorbed.

I have tried to present my life in sequence of events but have not always been able. I have also expressed an opinion or two and in some cases simply tried to say what I thought I knew about something.

So, who am I? What does anyone know about me? Am I knowledgeable about anything? Do I have any hobbies? What have I done? Many answers can be found in the following areas:
1. The Individual

2. His Travels

3. Card Games

4. Spanish Lessons